The Bush Conspiracy

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Big Stories Bush Has Never Told America!

Here are but a few of the untold stories about the Bush administration's war on America!

  • Exxon-Mobil has the formula to an alternative fuel based on biomass. This fuel will cost the equivalent of $.23 cents per gallon to manufacture, emissions are negligible, and the cost to retrofit existing internal combustion engines is only $450. But the Bush Administration is discouraging Exxon-Mobil from releasing the formula because our foreign policy platform would quickly crumble once Mid East oil is removed from the equation. Bush's tax reform ensures that oil and gas production is far more profitable than the biomass fuel, so Exxon-Mobil has no financial incentive to pursue the alternative fuel source.
  • Haliburton is working under the guise of providing food services to our troops, but they are actually securing the treasury reserves of the former regime and shipping them back to the states. These funds are used for special projects within the Bush administrations, including: intelligence gathering on Democratic opponents, funding Swift Vets for Truth, and arming Syria with chemical weapons so we have a pretext to invade them in '06.
  • The Bush campaign is investigating the legality of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. Apparently many in Bush's administration would like to repeal this amendment, which would take away voting rights for a large segment of the Democratic party - women.
  • There is a little known clause in the new Alternative Minimum Tax legislation (which applies to wage earners making > $192,000 per year). Under this legislation, tax filers can exclude all dividend income received from companies whose primary business is oil and gas exploration. This gives investors an incentive to invest in big oil, and provides a huge tax benefit to the wealthy.

    It should be obvious for even the most casual reader than none of these 'stories' are true. Unfortunately, our country is now infested with thousands of Michael Moore, anybody-but-Bush types who would swallow these stories hook, line, and sinker. Serious minded political debate has been discarded in favor of radical neo-liberal hate mongering.

    Until the left fringes of the Democratic party come to their senses and re-enter the mainstream, and until the mass media treats national politics in a non-partisan manner, our great nation will be stagnated by politics of mis-trust, fear, and hate. In the meantime, we'll have to rely on amateur political analysts for honest political discussion.